"Plant Tennessee with Seeds of Kindness
Theme for 2017-2019

Cindy Hintz, President

September 8, 2018

National Planting Day celebrates the critical nature of native plants and trees in enhancing biodiversity and rebuilding ecosystems. Beautiful public places transcend aesthetic appeal to positively impact the lives of area residents, visitors, businesses and institutions. Green spaces restore our communities, helping to make them more environmentally healthy, socially connected, and economically sound.

With a national focus on the first Saturday after Labor Day each September, National Planting Day continues with community-based activities through October. National Planting Day mobilizes citizens and organizations across the country to implement projects to increase native plantings in their communities.

The initiative focuses on four areas of need:

  • Increasing the number of native trees in public spaces
  • Bringing natural beauty and sustainable urban infrastructure to "built environments"
  • Creating community-supported sustainable vegetable and fruit gardens
  • Greening and restoring vacant lots with low-maintenance indigenous plants and trees in under-served urban and rural neighborhoods

Check out our "10 Tips to Create More Beauty" to get started on your National Planting Day initiative! 

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Debbie Shaver Recycling Chairman
349 Sharpe Lane
Dayton, Tennessee 37321

Well this is the last challenge for this term. And this challenge will run from convention till conservation camp. So you will have plenty of time to take part.

This challenge will be for individual clubs only, No districts.

I want the clubs to come up with a USEFUL/DECORATIVE recycled item. It can be out of aluminum cans, plastic bottles, newspapers, plastic bags, milk cartons etc.

Make the item and bring it to Conservation Camp, I will have a independent judge to judge them.

The winning club will receive a check for $25.00. 
And also have $25.00 donated to The Friends of the Cumberland Trail in their honor.

So get out there and get creative. 
This should be the best challenge yet. 

Debbie Shaver