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The Gift of a Garden

Beverly and George Grove have a wonderful city garden. They have enjoyed raising their own vegetables for all the years they have lived in their charming bungalow on Fairhills section of Riverview. In the last few years their pleasure and enjoyment have more than doubled, thanks to the help of two little girls: Madison (age 7) and Abigail Markey (age 5), daughters of Derek and Rebekah.

The Markey family includes a little boy, Remington, and a baby sister, Eleanora. They are all home schooled by Rebekah. The family moved here from Florida in 2011 and live behind the Groves. The girls loved to watch Beverly work in her garden and wanted to help. Even though they were tiny, they helped pull weeds and plant seedlings. Soon steps were built to make it easier for the girls to come over to help. They loved to see the fruits (literally) of their labor as they harvested the vegetables to take home to their mother.

In 2012, Beverly gave them their own garden space to plant whatever they wanted to watch grow. They started their seedlings at home in small peat pots and planted them in their own garden space. "What joy they brought to all of us with their excitement all season long", said Beverly.

This summer, they all took a trip to the Barn Nursery to pick out the plants they wanted to nurture this year. They picked out flowers to plant for their mother and their favorite veggies to grow in their garden such as tomatoes, beets, zucchini, squash eggplant, yellow peppers and onions. They are becoming very good farmers and they love to share what they grow. Beverly and George Grove started out with the intention of doing something nice for someone, but it has comeback tenfold in the love that is shared between these families.

When the Markeys moved to Chattanooga, they did not know what the future held. In September of that year, Rebekah and Derek were blessed with the news they were expecting a baby girl in the spring. But Rebekah was also diagnosed with state-three breast cancer. They have faced this challenge with amazing grace, strength and courage. They have received help from an army of friends and family. A race team was named Run for Rebekah to show support for her as part of the Chickamauga Chase.

Things are going well as it has been two years since her diagnosis and a future article will give more information on this truly remarkable family.

Article written by Judy Rowland a member of the Dirt Dabbers Garden Club.