About Us

Tennessee Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc., (TFGC)

is a non-profit, volunteer organization. TFGC is a charter member of the National Garden Clubs, Inc., http://www.gardenclub.org/, and its Deep South Garden Clubs, http://www.dsgardenclubs.com/.

Founded is 1926, TFGC is divided into four districts. Each year the state hosts two main events: the state convention and a Conservation Camp. Flower shows and educational gardening programs and schools are also planned throughout the state in each of the four Districts.

The Volunteer Gardener is the state publication that is published four times each year. Each club member receives a copy of this publication, which contains information about garden clubs, state awards, executive board news and much more. Contact the TVG Editor, Caroline Fike.

What is a garden club?

A garden club is a group of people who come together to enhance their knowledge of gardening, its beauty, and its effects. Each garden club is different, reflecting the special interests of its members. Programs, activities and projects are encouraged to further develop those special interests.

Do I need to know how to garden?

No. You can learn through the educational and workshop programs presented by your club and you can further enhance your learning by attending district and state meetings. The state also offers the opportunity to participate in their schools on landscape and floral design, gardening, and the environment.

When do most clubs meet?

Most clubs meet monthly. Clubs meet at various times, from morning meetings to evening meetings, and in members' homes or public facilities. The club members determine the meeting time and location.

Why should I belong to a garden club in the Tennessee Federation of Garden Clubs?

To work with others to beautify the community and serve others through garden therapy and youth gardening activities. Joining TFGC makes you can automatic member of The National Garden Clubs, Inc. which is the largest gardening organization in the country. This networking allows you access to many resources. Projects in the TFGC garden clubs areas may be eligible for awards from the district, state, region, and the National Garden Clubs, Inc. Your garden may be eligible for grants for community projects. As a garden club member you will be able to participate in flower show schools, landscape design study courses and environmental study programs. For automatic membership in district, state, and regional organizations as well as the National Garden Clubs, Inc., which is the largest volunteer corporation in the world. This association with regional and national organizations provides a great network for gardening education and implementation of good environmental policy and practices.

How can I find a garden club near me?

Contact: TFGC Membership Chairman, Debbie Boyette,.