Gardening Schools

Do you want to learn something new about gardening? How about refreshing yourself and your garden!

Then a National Garden Clubs, Inc. Gardening School is for you! Gardening Schools (GSS) were established in 1977 by National Garden Clubs, Inc. (NGC). They are one of the four NGC Schools offered to garden club members and the general public. These schools: Environmental Studies, Flower Show, Gardening and Landscape Design help embrace the joys of gardening.

GS is offered in four (4) courses, 2 day sessions and completed in a two-year period. Some of the course work covers soils, plant propagation, new plant development, beneficial insects and styles of gardening. The GS format follows a handbook for the courses, the forms and time line. Upon completion of the four courses and exams, the students become Gardening Consultants.

If any garden club member or friend is interested in a GS, you can contact Maggi Burns, DSGC GS Chairman and TFGC GS Chairman by phone 423-499-9751 or email

Embrace gardening’s tapestry, embrace Gardening Schools!